Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was the Nacionalista Party founded?
On April 29, 1907.

Q: Is the Nacionalista Party the Premier political party of the Philippines?
A: In terms of longevity , yes. It is celebrating its 98th founding anniversary this year 2005 with an honor roll of having produced six (6) Philippine Presidents.

Q: What are the colors of the Party?
A: Originally, there were just red ,white, and navy blue - these are the colors which dominate the Philippine flag. During the martial law period, green was added to symbolize hope.

Q: What is the slogan of the Party?
A: Ang Bayan Higit sa Lahat. (The country above all things)

Q: How do you become a Nacionalista?
A: If you are 18 and above, you may write a letter of application and send it to the National Secretariat. The Membership Committee will evaluate your application.

Q: Are there membership dues?
A: Yes, the annual membership dues are One hundred Pesos (Php100.00) to be considered an active member.

Q: Is the Party only active during election periods?
A: No, the Nacionalistas meet regularly every month, have different types of activities, and sponsor events which promote nationalism or further nationalist causes.

Q: Can ordinary citizens who are concerned with the welfare and direction of the country join the Nacionalistas?
A: Yes, they are welcome. Politicians and those who aspire for elective office are only one sector of the Nacionalistas. There are young people, businessmen , artists, and sectoral groups who believe in and are willing to stand up for the principles of the Nacionalistas.

Q: What is the core value of the Nacionalista?
A: From its inception, Independence has been a value held dear by the Nacionalistas. In fact, some of them paid for this value with their lives during the first half of the 20th century. The Nacionalistas achieved political independence from its colonial masters. Now, the focus is on achieving economic independence.

Q: Are the Nacionalistas pro-administration or opposition?
A: The Nacionalista Party is part of a coalition supportive of the present administration. However, true to its character of independence, there are members of Congress who belong to the minority, and even positions taken by its leaders which may, at times, run counter to the dictates of Malacañang.


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